3 Easy Ideas

With these 3 easy tips, you can brighten your decor for summer effortless and fun! Liven up your space after the cold months have passed with seashells and bamboo – your options for light summer decor are limitless!



  • Use seashells in place of curtains on a window. This is a real conversation starter!
  • Let the sunshine in and shed winter layers and add airy fabrics such as lace or sheers. Bamboo shades are also a classic window covering. They add an enchanting tropical theme to any room.
  • Sail into summer and use brightly colored ribbons or maps to add a whimsical summer theme to child’s room.


  • Sleep under the summer sky! Paint your ceilings a shade of soft blue. Try Duron’s Noon Sky DCL027 for the perfect hue!
  • For a crisp clean summer look, hang pastel, cream or white plates in a grouping above your sofa.
  • Dare to be unique? Look to the sun for inspiration. A vibrant palette of orange, citrine and persimmon will make your home feel both dramatic and playful.
  • In a child’s room, hang a hammock from the ceiling to replicate summer time playgrounds.


  • Place a large fern or several small plants in the fireplace, or line the hearth with garden decor and baskets of flowers.
  • Arrange fresh cut flowers in front of a mirror to double the impact and give the illusion of a lush garden.
  • Jars filled with limes, lemons, or oranges look fresh as well as add a punch of color and texture to kitchen counter tops.

Your rooms are sure to look like the perfect summer paradise after applying these charming and unique tips to your decor!

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