Gray ” it’s” the trendiest color of the moment. 

What was previously thought of as a gloomy day color, gray is now the picture of sophistication and elegance, the go-to neutral. How do you go about choosing the right gray paint?

It’s definitely the most difficult color to pick.  It can look baby blue to beige to purple depending on the light and placement.  Here are a few tips on how to choose the right gray paint for your room!


  1. Find your inspiration.  It can come from a textile, a painting or a magazine.
  2. Pick your direction.  Do you want your gray to have green, purple or blue undertones? Is it neutral that you’re after? Once you decide on the direction, you can narrow your search from the thousands of paint choices!
  3. Get paint samples.  Take home as many as you can.  Once you have them in your own room, you can narrow the choices down pretty quickly.
  4. Make your choice!  Be sure to paint the sample colors on each wall in the room and check them morning, noon and night before making your decision.
  5. Choose your sheen.  For most grays, I recommend eggshell finish, not semi gloss or high-gloss, as it will look too industrial.

As always, I am available for a color consultation, if you just aren’t sure! Call me at 404-943-0779 or email me at

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