How to create an outdoor living room

To expand on my recent post featuring outdoor lighting, I want to share some ideas on how to create an outdoor living room. Lighting is important, and so are many other aspects of outdoor comfort! Simple additions such as a rug, a porch swing or a weather proof painting will have your outdoors ready for evening deck parties!



Porch swings can be so traditional or so modern! You can customize them in so many ways, and there are many different takes on this old-fashioned favorite. A swinging day bed, a twirling chair or a relaxing hammock – whatever your style, you can have it! Personalize it even more with colorful pillows, chair cushions and throws. Make sure your ropes or chains are rated to hold at least 600 pounds, and regularly check for wear and tear.




Outdoor rugs are so versatile. They can be used under a seating arrangement to anchor the area or in front of the door to frame the entryway. You can even use them indoors, if you fall in love with the pattern or color. And they are so easy to clean – just sweep or rinse off. This is one of the most dynamic ways to change your outdoor look and feel, and it’s often the most inexpensive!




Reflect light and create the illusion of a window into another room with a wall-hung mirror. Add even more luxury to your space with all art, iron work, and wall hung planters!




Whether it’s an umbrella, an enclosed porch, an under deck, a pergola, a gazebo or cupolas for sale, overhead coverage should be considered. Protection from rain and sun will allow you the most use of your space.




Fountain, ponds, and waterfalls create the soothing white noise that accompanies cicadas and crickets so perfectly. Not only do they mask city noises, they can also extend life to birds, frogs, and fish, which bring a sound and feel all their own!




Going beyond the privacy fence, there are many unique options for privacy. Screens, curtains, lattice, and plantings all create that much-needed wall to block out the rest of the world!

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