4 Projects You Must Try

Similar to fashion, a home is never complete without accessories! Wall art is one of the most dramatic ways to accessorize a room, but many of us are not willing to spend thousands of dollars on these works of art. Besides budget shopping at some of my favorite stores, you can create your own DIY wall art for any room in the house! Here are 4 DIY projects to try now!


1. Use Your Scarves!

Framing them, hanging them, or pinning them to a wall, scarves are meant to be seen, not stored in the closet!

2. Washi Tape Creations!

Washi tape is indispensable these days, and I’m sure you’ve seen it everywhere! The crafting tape originated in Japan and is usually made of natural fibers. It feels like masking tape… very, very pretty masking tape, as it comes in patterns and designs that will make you swoon! Whether used as art, as a frame, or as wallpaper, always keep this magical tool on hand.

3. Frame or Hang Fabric or Wallpaper!

Patterns are back in style. Dress up a solid wall with framed fabric scraps or wallpaper.


4. Use Your Personal Photos as Art

Stores like Costco and Office Depot will now enlarge your personal pictures and print them on canvas in various sizes and shapes. It’s an inexpensive way to recreate professional photography services. Some stores will even add oil painting elements for even more flair! If you didn’t want any personal photos hung up, you could buy some wall art from Blue Horizon Prints instead.

Sometimes all you need is a few new ideas to accessorize your home! I’d love to help you accessorize by using your own DIY wall art! Call me and we can set up a consultation!

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