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Starry nights, fireflies, friends and summer nights are just a few things we love about summer.

Here in Atlanta, we still have a few good months ahead to enjoy the great outdoors. There is nothing more magical than a starry night, a glowing campfire, and a good glass of red to help you unwind and feel peaceful.

If you’re anything like me, you enjoy being surrounded by beautiful spaces, including the outdoors. Nature makes the perfect backdrop for the simplest ways you can decorate your campsite, making you the envy of the campground. The best-decorated campsites always tend to attract more campers too, therefore a beautiful campsite is actually an investment. Make sure you consider all campers and caravaners whilst designing your site! If you looking to buy or insure a caravan for travelling intake a look at a website like One Sure Insurance to find out the benefits of doing so!

If you’re planning a late summer camping getaway, here are a few ideas to transform your campsite into a beautiful outdoor oasis.

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Campsite Lighting

The soft glow of outdoor lights adds a unique ambiance to your nighttime gathering. String lights, fairy lights, bulbs or lanterns will transform your space into a dreaming wonderland. Even these recycled bricks make lovely pathway lighting to help your visitors find their way to your campsite. Outdoor lights come in a variety of designs and can help add a touch of ambiance to your camping experience.

camp bunting

Camp Bunting

Turn that old tablecloth or that tattered dress shirt into beautiful campsite buntings with these easy to follow directions.

  1. Make a triangle template out of cardboard.
  2. Trace the triangle onto your recycled fabric.
  3. Use a hole punch to punch holes on each top corner of the triangles.
  4. Sting with twine or jute and knot the ends.

camping flags and campsite flags

Personalize it!

The Internet is bursting with campsite flag options for adding a bit of personal flair to your spot. From holiday to personalized flags, the possibilities are endless. It’s such a simple way to add color and pizzaz to your space. Find your favorite camping saying or just welcome and introduce yourself to your neighbors. These little whimsical garden flags add visual interest to your spot and may even draw your neighbors in as a conversation starter.

campsite table

campsite tableImage Source

Don’t forget the table!

Every campsite has one, so don’t miss out on making a real statement with simple yet beautiful table top decorations. Mason jars work great for candles and flowers are an inexpensive way to showcase your style. A red or blue checkered tablecloth makes an excellent base for burlap runners and seasonal flowers. If you have a caravan, spruce up the exterior by following a caravan awning guide to install a great, outdoor, practical and shaded area.

These are just a few ideas to decorate your campsite. Don’t be afraid to pack a few extra things that will help you make your space feel more like home. It just may be a great way to strike up a conversation and enjoy meeting new friends around the campfire.

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