4-legged furry friends

If you’re a pet owner, as many of us are, then you must love the 4-legged furry friends who greet you when you walk through the door. But what about the days when you come home to this…?

With all the hair and dander this image conjures up, it can be frightening!

So, instead of fighting a pet’s natural habits and instincts, make your home a welcoming place for pets and humans alike, with small adjustments to fit the personalities of everyone who lives there.  Your pet wants to be included, so create a place the pet can call their own!


These overstuffed pillow-beds have pet resistant fabric, look nice, even for the living room and give your pet their own space.  The key with any of these suggestions is to train your pet in the behavior you want. Make sure they have no other option except their pet pillow by keeping bedroom doors closed.  In no time, your pet will claim this soft, comfy pillow as his own.

If you live in a home with hardwoods, there’s nothing more exasperating than tiny claw marks on the floor.  If your pet has one particularly popular spot, consider throw rugs.  They not only protect the floor, they are easy to clean.

Even with wall-to-wall carpeting, you may still worry about these areas turning into germ traps.  An area rug, even on top of existing carpet, will catch dirt, fur balls and other accidents.  They can then be removed to clean. Complimenting colors and designs may add that extra touch to your room.

To protect furniture, the obvious solution is a slip-cover. Once you start looking, you’ll find they’ve really improved the types of fabric and designs.


Here’s a little tip.  When choosing fabrics, try to incorporate the color of your pet!  It will keep your sofa from looking furry.

Many people prefer pet resistance fabrics, but they may not fit your dining room or living room decor.  The solution? Decide where you and your pet will be most comfortable, such as the den or TV room.  Use your pet resistant fabrics there, and save the good fabrics for your other rooms.

If you can’t slipcover, you may be vacuuming a lot.  It makes sense to invest in a good quality vacuum cleaner that does hardwoods as well as furniture.


If your pet is of the purring kind, you know what kind of mischief they can get into. Cats have a penchant for knocking things over so here’s another little trick. Use museum putty to make sure those vases and collectibles stay put!

If you’re a candle person, you shouldn’t have to give up the scent or warm glow because of your pet.  We all are committed to safety first, however, so take a look at soy wax candles.  These versatile candles have numerous benefits. You may not know that soy wax burns at a lower temperature than paraffin blend candles. If the soy wax spills, it can be wiped up with a paper towel or washcloth, and it will not smear or hurt a finish.

Because it burns at a lower temperature, soy wax will not scald your skin. Therefore, it’s safer for pets and little ones. And as an added benefit, the candle will burn as much as three times longer than a regular candle.

Last but not least, when you’re decorating for your pet, it’s best to stay organized. There are plenty of ideas out there to help you do just that, but here are two of my favorite things.

First, keep your leashes and extra collars on a hook near the door for quick grabs and easy returns. For other pet items, like toys or chews, you may want to try tossing them in a decorative basket.

Second, for meal time, keep your pet’s food contained.  You can do so in a unique and stylish way that will compliment your decor. Playful bowls or personalized pet dishes really make your pet special.

Use complimentary colors, and add a matching mat for a complete look.

Considering your pet’s needs, as well as those of the rest of your family, will make a happier, healthier and more comfortable home!

I’d be happy to give you my expert opinion to help you select the products or create the design that will work best in your space.  Call me at 404 943 0779 or email me at Melanie@interior-revivals.com.

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