Don’t forget the ceiling!

Often ignored, ceilings are more of a design element that most people realize. Painting a new room with a fabulous new shade? Don’t forget the ceiling!

Ok, you’ll paint the ceiling,“ but what color? There are many ideas and opinions about ceiling color. Most would agree that there are no hard and fast rules, but here are some guidelines:

white ceiling paintMost people prefer white. Even though your ceiling may look white, when you apply a fresh coat, you’ll be startled by the difference a fresh coat makes. White is safe, and you can’t go wrong.

paint colors for walls Some people like to take ceiling white and mix in anywhere from 10% to 50% of the wall color to it. It’s sure to blend well with the walls.

Paint the ceiling of an entry or bedroom a light blue to create and open, airy perception of the sky– great ambience.
Be bold and paint dining room ceilings a dark hue for added drama. Faux metallic ceilings also add depth, drama and texture to a classic setting. 

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