Displaying Collections

It’s that time of year – the holidays – when we pull out the holiday decor and dress up our house. Many of us have numerous seasonal collectibles to display, and not enough space to do it in! We have angels, a miniature holiday town, Christmas cards, holiday dishes. Or maybe you have a year round collection that you keep on display for all to see. Either way, it’s so important to avoid looking cluttered when you display your collections.

With a few simple tricks, your collections can be appreciated and adored!

1. Assess the Situation

First things first – figure out what you have and what you want to keep. Pull all of your items together in one place and spread them out to take a look. Remember, collections are about items you LOVE and cherish, and you only need as few as three items make a collection! If you find that you have some items that don’t fit or you don’t love anymore, store them or donate them. We always need to re-evaluate our ‘stuff’ and declutter every now and then.

2. Time to Organize

Now that you have your collection paired down, it’s time to organize it. Decide what you want to display, and what you will save for later.  You can sort your collection by color, size, season, or any other similarity. It brings a cohesive look that is easy to take in.

3. Display in Unusual Places and Unusual Ways

Not only will your collection garner attention, the way you display it can also add big impact! Think outside the box – rolling pins on the ceiling, shelves around the tree, sea shells by the fire place.  Yes, yes, yes!

4. Rotate, Rotate, Rotate!

If each of us displayed every item of every collection we own, our home might start to look like a garage sale table!  We usually have too much to show off, so I always recommend that my clients rotate pieces of the collection (or entire collections) in and out seasonally. Holiday items during the winter are appropriate, as well as your teacup collection in the spring. As for your abundant cake plate collection, try displaying only a few at at time. I know we all have those sentimental pieces that family members have given us and heirloom items that were handed down. Be sure to keep them all! Just rotate them in and out of storage to prevent looking at a cluttered cabinet like this one:

And look at a cabinet like this one! Easy to see, admire, and appreciate!

5. Anchor the Display

A group of differing items can be pulled together by anchoring the display or forming a visual boundary.  For instance, a tray can hold a perfume bottle collection.  An accent wall can encase antique platters and plates.  You want to make these items look purposefully placed, not randomly left around.

I hope you’ve discovered a few new ideas for displaying your treasures in a non-cluttered way!  If you want some ideas on displaying your collections, I’m always here to help!

Your House

What do you collect? How do you keep it from looking cluttered?

Go ahead, tell us in the comments!

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