Finding the focal point

Finding the focal point of your rooms will help to establish a better flow and accentuate cleaner lines in your home decor. Start by looking at the architectural details and what unique aspects each room has to offer. Often it’s just a matter of rearranging and positioning the furniture that can establish the focal point of a room. Determine what captures your eye when approaching each room. Is it the fireplace, or the window with the view? Focal points could also be an interesting piece of furniture or a built in bookcase. Use these easy tips to help guide you in locating the focal points of your rooms:

1.  SOFA – Place the sofa on the longest wall in the room.  Arrange a large painting, a framed mirror or a decorative collection above the sofa to accentuate.

2. FIREPLACE – Hang a piece of artwork above the mantel to reinforce the fireplace as a focal point.  Leave the walls on each side of the mantel free of artwork and accessories to eliminate any distractions from the architectural elements of the fireplace.

3. DRESSER – Situate a dresser on the longest wall. You can anchor the space with matching lamps and include a picture or appealing grouping such as, decorative plates or antique trays between the lamps for added excitement.

4.  BED – In the bedroom, the bed is almost always the focal point of the room because of its size.  To accentuate the bed utilize a simple headboard or hang a horizontal painting or groupings above.  Matching lamps anchored on the side tables will make the room appear balanced and bestow prominence to the bed.

5. SIDEBOARD – Although the dining room table is the largest piece of furniture in the dining room, it is not the focal point of the room. A sideboard or buffet should be the point of interest.  Remember the focal point must dominate the wall.

6. COLLECTIBILES – Creating an organized wall display not only adds an interesting focal point, but also makes for a great conversation piece. Use your collectibles to make a personal statement. A grouping of birdhouses, framed embroidery or antique garden tools mounted to a walls adds personal style.

7.  BOOKSHELVES – Built in bookshelves can be an interesting architectural element and can become the focal point in a study or den. Be sure that your bookshelves appear orderly.  Remove paper jackets from hardbacks and group books by color and size.  Displaying collectibles, plants, and accessories contributes color, texture and attention.

8. ARMOIRE – Add a large piece of furniture such as an armoire to rooms that are sparse and uninviting.  An armoire contributes height and architectural character to a room that is lackluster.  Think outside the box to discover another purpose for its intended use. For example, an armoire that was intended as a T.V unit can be transformed into a display case by installing additional shelving.  Displaying family photos, a plant and a few favorite accessories will create a charming focal point to this once dreary room.

9.  WINDOW – Sometimes there will be more than one focal point in a room.  For instance, if you are fortunate to have both a fireplace and a spectacular view, the view will most likely take precedence.  However, don’t neglect the fireplace entirely. During the winter months and holidays, the fireplace should get its fair share of attention. A candle lit mantle or a roaring fire will draw a captive audience.

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