Form and Function

Finding the perfect window treatment can seem daunting, but it is an important, practical consideration for every room in your home, and a wonderful opportunity to take your decor to the next level. Follow these easy guidelines to incorporating this element into your design.


Form and Function: Consider the use of the room. Is this a first-floor living or dining room facing the street? How much privacy does the room need? Is this an upstairs bedroom window peering out into the treetops? How important is letting light in versus keeping light out? Will the needs of the room change throughout the day and therefore the treatment be functional, to open and close when needed? Is the climate a factor, perhaps needing to provide insulation?


Find Your Style: Is it contemporary, traditional, country, or eclectic? Traditional rooms yearn for velvet, damask, and fancy finishes like braid, fringe, and rosettes. A vertical blind in a traditional room would seem out of place, just as these traditional fabrics would be out of place in a sleek modern room.

Play up the Unique: Is this a one-of-a-kind architectural feature of your home? Use this opportunity to highlight this feature, using custom-made valances, shades, or drapes to enhance this feature.


Find the Balance: Color, pattern, and texture are important considerations. If the room already features a bright, bold color at the walls, a more subtle palette may be preferred for the window treatment. For a room without much pattern, the windows are an opportunity to create visual movement and rhythm with pattern. And of course for a room with lots of pattern in it already, a simple design at the windows will be more appropriate. The weight of the fabrics are another consideration and a more heavily textured and patterned room can carry a heavier weight fabric at the windows while a stark, sleek, modern room will call for lighter treatments. Consider natural wood blinds or shades for carpeted, cozy rooms.

It’s all up to you! Window treatments express your style and personality. If you are looking for new window treatments for your home, I’d love to help. Call us today at (404) 943.0779 or visit Interior Revivals at

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