April is the month of renewal

Everything is in bloom and green has returned our outdoor world. We celebrate with lots of green indoors, our color of the month!

All about Green:

Second only to blue in popularity, green symbolizes growth, harmony, freshness, fertility, and renewal. In many cultures, green is the color hope, and eternal life. Green is located right in the center of the visible light spectrum and so it is the color of balance. Made from yellow and blue, it has an inherent balance of warm and cool undertones. Darker greens are commonly associated with money, wealth, the financial world, and banking.

As the natural world around us contains plenty of green, we relate to its symbolism of plenty, without balance in nature, our plants wouldn’t grow and there would be no green grass or green leaves. So, green is seen as color of safety and security.

Green is thought to be a healing color. It is soothing and promotes feelings of peace and tranquility.

Green does have some negative associations — ambition, greed, and jealousy. Some relate negatively to green from its institutional use in government and health care buildings.

Green, Three Ways

Sherwin-Williams 6744 – Reclining Green

Sherwin-Williams 6744  Reclining Green

Naturally at home in bathrooms and spas, greens with blue tints bring nature indoors.

Sherwin-Williams 6709 – Gleeful

Sherwin-Williams 6709  Gleeful

Always a favorite with pink.

Sherwin-Williams 6720 – Paradise

Sherwin-Williams 6720 Paradise

Powerfully paired with red – and not a even a hint of Christmas!

Want to know more about Color?

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