Too much clutter

This basement family room was cluttered and unfocused and like most large, unwieldy spaces, just looks as if it trying to serve too many purposes. We took advantage of the family’s love of the University of Georgia Bulldogs and the room instantly came into focus!Before:

before interior redesignbefore redesign

It’s easy to see our problems here:

  • Too much clutter
  • No focal point to the room
  • Seating not focused to fireplace
  • Miscellaneous memorabilia adding chaos
  • Problematic L-shaped room
  • Ping pong, exercise machine, and kitchen, all for 1 space!


after interior redesignafter redesignafter redesign
Beginning with a focal point is always the best place to start. This room had a fireplace, so that was an easy choice! We directed the seating around the fireplace, and the adjacent TV, so there isn’t a bad seat in the place. The theme of the room was easy to select, they already had a great collection of UGA memorabilia, so we used the red, black, and white for the color scheme. A collection is always stronger when displayed together, so we scoured the house for additional memorabilia to display all together here.

We divided the room into three areas to give the room balance and harmony, and that also created more functionality to the space. The ping pong table and exercise machine are now placed appropriately for use, even while others are using the room. The kitchen area also went into the redesign, using the room colors, and providing a multi-use table. The painted surface is a game table, but can also be used for dining.

What a great space!
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