Newest trend in bathroom tile

So, are you wondering about the newest trend in bathroom tile? If you’re in the planning stages or even in the middle of a bathroom renovation, there are a couple of new design tricks you can try to make your bathroom absolutely spectacular without a great deal of extra effort!



The newest trend is taking the tile to the top!

Don’t stop your tile at the shower line, go to the ceiling. Many people are then continuing the tile around the room to the back of the commode, the sink and even to the doorway.

Using different tile around the tub really distinguishes that area by color and texture.  But why stop there?

Wrapping a corner, or connecting the rest of the bath with a design element, adds a touch of sophistication that is well thought out.

I love strategic use of accent tiles.  Placing glass tiles in the bath reminds me of water, how appropriate.  Using that dynamic look around the sink or tub seems a perfect fit, but I like a twist.

Instead of horizontal, go vertical! This design connects the floor tile and pulls together the total look.

Below, the glass tiles and vertical design is a perfect waterfall behind the shower head.

But even more dramatic is a combination;  glass tiles connecting the walls and floors in a fluid vertical motion creates an impressive look.

If you have a good-sized wall and decide to tile, there are many decorative and patterned tiles. If mosaic is too meticulous for your level of patience, let the tile do the work!  Decorative squares can create an intricate view with hardly any extra work!


Whichever way you decide to accent or personalize your bath, have fun!

Whether functional is your preference…

…or extravagant,

…make it your own!

Don’t be afraid to think outside the box when it comes to tiling your bath.

I’d love to give you my expert opinion to help select your new tile.  Call me at 404-943-0779 or email me at

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