Fool-Proof Formula to Select the Perfect Color

We all spend a lot of time thinking about our wall color. But the one wall that is often overlooked is the fifth wall, our ceilings! Adding paint to the ceiling can transform a room from mediocre to amazing! A painted ceiling is unique and unusual, and it delivers a ‘wow’ factor like none other.

But what color should it be? I have a fool-proof formula to selecting the ceiling color, especially for those taking their first step into painted ceilings:

Go two shades darker or lighter than your wall color.

That’s it! Take your paint strip with your wall color and move up or down two shades. It will create an amazing feeling, especially as the sunlight moves throughout the room.


There are plenty of other ways to enhance the ceiling of a room with paint, including faux textures, metallics and textures.
  • Bead-board makes a great addition to a kitchen.
  • Metallics are all the trend.
  • Wallpaper is back, and it’s showing up on ceilings everywhere!
  • Even distressed wood can be salvaged for an interesting ceiling.
  • For an airy feel, paint the ceiling a sky blue. Even your outdoor porch and portico can be painted blue. It’s a very old Southern tradition to do this, but it’s gaining in popularity all across the country.


The history behind blue porch ceilings is very interesting and varied.  According to some, people would paint their porch ceiling blue to prevent spiders and wasps from building nests and webs in the porch – they thought it would fool the insects into thinking the ceiling was sky! Others did so because the color blue brings good luck; some thought it extended the daylight feeling, and others wanted to scare away evil spirits. No matter what the reason, I think a blue ceiling is magnificent!


I hope you’re inspired to enhance your fifth wall! If you need some help in picking out colors or textures when you go to paint the ceiling, I’m always here to help!

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What interesting things have you done to your fifth wall?

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