children had taken over the living room

My client’s children had taken over the living room and my client wanted it back! When I arrived to see the space, I could see we had several things to work on. The space had too much furniture and there was too much clutter (the most common design problem I see). The artwork and sconces were not to scale and the styles didn’t mix well. The woods didn’t match and the space lacked elegance or a formal theme.

before redesign

before redesign

We began by swapping a larger armoire brought in from another room which instantly gave the room a more dominant focal point. We traded the sofa for a small chest (more storage) and kept the ottomans for extra seating. Now you can see that there is a two-tone wall!

after redesign

after redesign

A larger piece of art was hung above the low chest to create a cozy grouping with the rocking chair.

The clutter was contained by utilizing space in the armoire for storing the children’s games and toys. Now there is a clean, uncluttered living space, still suitable for the children, but can be easily tidied for grown-up use.

What a great redesign!

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living room coffee table

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