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Redesign of Current Spaces

Ready for a new look? On a tight budget? We can help!

Interior redesign, also known as “use what you have” is our service that updates your style by using the furnishings and accessories you already own. Usually accomplished in a day, we transform your space by repositioning and repurposing your existing possessions.

We’ll begin with some questions about how you live in your space, your likes and dislikes, and overall design goals. Next, we’ll empty the room. Once the focal point of the room is established, the larger pieces of furniture are placed for optimum function and traffic flow. Lighting, accessories, and artwork are repositioned. Often “shopping” other rooms of the home will uncover treasures just right for the transformation.

The result is a revitalized room unique to you, with a designer look for a fraction of the conventional designer cost.

Shopping, Art & Accessorizing Placement

Our shopping service is the answer to keeping costs under control and maintaining a clear focus on accessorizing your space to avoid clutter and buyer’s remorse.

We will hang and display your artwork to create balance and flow in your rooms. Or build a family picture wall to create a focal point.

We build beautiful accessory displays keeping color, texture, size and shape in mind to give your rooms that WOW factor!

No matter your budget, or your timeline, we can help you make your house a home and achieve a look, mood, and feel you’ll love.

Contact us today to find out how we can transform your existing space in your Atlanta, GA home.

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