Declutter and Get Organized

Did you know that when potential buyers walk through your home one of the first things they do is open the cupboards and look in closets?

Closets, pantries, cabinets and medicine chests, every home has them and at times they always look messy. Spend extra time on these hidden spaces before inviting potential buyers into your home.

Baskets, mason jars, and decorative boxes will make your storage areas more appealing.

organized dry goods

Organize, discard and put things into storage that will clutter the area. Jars make ideal vessels for showing off the beauty of everyday ingredients. They give beans, lentils, and pasta a stage upon which they shine.

A clean, well-ordered pantry will help sell a kitchen!

Don’t forget your refrigerator and oven. Homes that includes the appliances will be inspected even closer by potential buyers. Clean out your refrigerator and freezer to make them more spacious and visually pleasing.

Spend time making your closets look neat and spacious.

Amazing closet that feels like a high end boutique

Messy closets tell buyers there isn’t enough room for storage. Group similar items together and create his and her areas to help sell the space. Organize long-sleeved shirts, short-sleeved shirts, and sleeveless shirts all together in the shirt section match bottoms such as skirts and pants in their own section and add shoe racks and extra hooks for belts, ties, and scarves.  Nothing sells a bedroom better than a well-manicured, organized closet.

Don’t forget the obvious by organizing the cleaning closet as well.

French Country Elegance


Pick up a few attractive baskets to store supplies, take that pile of plastic bags to the recycling center and hang brooms, mops and dusters from wall hooks.

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