Amazing Staging Project

Let’s take a look at another amazing before & after staging project completed by my students.  In this home, we faced the challenge of cluttered and overstuffed bookshelves. We took the principals of design we learned in the classroom and applied them here on a much smaller scale!

You may recall from previous blogs the basics of design that I teach in class – Progression, Gradation, Alteration and Repetition.  These building blocks of design provide a road map and a “bag of trick” for my students, an arsenal of design fundamentals to start applying to any project or re-design challenge.

4C desk

5B bookshelf

5A bookshelf 2

Progression, with the peaks and valleys, the highs and lows, provides an interesting arrangement from shelf to shelf collectively, making the entire wall a more interesting place.

Repetition in color, shapes and textures from side to side create balance, yet each bookshelf is unique. There is Gradation from the top shelf to the bottom, a little sparse on top to a fuller shelf at the bottom. Even though the bookshelves, like most, started out as a dumping ground, they are still full but now have organization. My students did a great job maintaining an eclectic mix of items on display. The whole room has a Bohemian look and feel in the complimenting fabrics, deep hues, and great contrasts; yet the whole room feels very inviting and comfortable.

If you would like to take a class or you need help re-staging your home for a sale, then take a look at my website for class information. I’d be happy to help!

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living room coffee table

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